Samsung with Monster tablet

Along with a recent announcement of the Exynos 5250 processor and its whooping 2560 by 1600 screen resolution, the pieces for a new beast of a tablet seems to be in place.

The recent patent war has not dampened the spirits of electronics giant Samsung as they are reported to be readying an 11.6-inch tablet for announcement at the Mobile World Congress in February 2012. The tablet is said to have a resolution of 2560 by 1600 with a 16:10 wide aspect ratio, which will position itself to compete effectively with Apple’s upcoming tablet device, which is rumored to incorporate a Retina Display. Despite the bigger screen, a thinner bezel will help to keep the overall size of the tablet within the familiarity of 10.1-inch tablet users.
From Samsung's recent announcement about their new Exynos 5250, it is no doubt that the 2GHz processor will be capable of supporting high screen resolutions, including this 11.6-inch impressive display. Other features of the monster tablet may include Android Beam for convenient media syncing and a wireless docking mode for gaming in conjunction with a HDTVs, which will probably help Samsung to compete against the upcoming television race.
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