New speaker docks for Android

Philips has released a trio of speaker docks in Android flavour, a first ever. It is timely too, as Android platforms already own a big market segment for quite some time now, and yet the amount of accessories and docks designed for these devices are meager compared to the army of gadgets that cater to Apple's devices.

Capitalizing on this realization, Philips takes the first strike with its flagship AS851 Fidelio using the patented ‘Flexidock’ micro USB connection which slides laterally to accommodate to the wide array of shapes and port configurations on Android devices, while charging the mounted gadget.

Upon docking, both devices will pair with Bluetooth via the free Fidelio app and stream music for output through the speakers. It is also possible to continue to play music while the Android handset is off the dock, and even represent every sound made by the Android platform when paired, such as message notifications.

The AS851 is akin to the DS8500, which works for Apple devices, and shares the same chassis. Its Philips Digital sound processor and rated 30 Watts output ensures that music is distortion-free and well-heard. All of these features will be under the command of a remote control, which makes switching music back and forth a breeze.

The two other accompanying docks on release include the mid-range AS351 featuring a 10 Watt output and Dynamic Bass Boost, while the AS111 is a bedside dock sporting an all-round speaker.

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