1by1 Download Pemutar musik Terbaik

Apa itu 1by1
1by1 adalah audio player kecil
Pemutar music satu ini sangat cepat dan praktis dibanding dengan pemutar yang biasanya anda gunakan seperti Jet Audio, Winamp, WMP dll.

1by1 tidak hanya kecil namun menyediakan Ruang file music yang simple dan serbaguna untuk menangani koleksi file music Anda. ukuran filenya yang sangat kecil 155 Kbyte memudahkan kita dalam proses mendownload filenya. begitu pula saat start awal tampilannya, sangat cepat dan ringan Tidak banyak memerlukan memory...!!

Current version
1.75, 2011-06-13

* Support of bass.dll with plugins and netstreaming
* Go home on track change option
* Saving sort methods of list types
* Internal viewer for big title RSS
* Systray current track list menu
* ID3v2 tag size calculation bug fixed
* Delete to recycle.bin bug fixed
* Insert view unicode bug fixed
* Some other improvements

System requirements

* 200 MHz CPU · Windows or Linux with Wine
* mp3 ACM codec (present in XP/Vista) or mpglib.dll
* Optional: input plugins

Previous updates

* 1.74: File list hilite bug fixed
* 1.73: All main functions changed to Unicode · Overlap on manual track start
           File finder ignore field · Log file export · Force portable option
* 1.72: Full width sliders, adjustable split point · File delete in result and playlist view
           Middle button on Systray icon for Pause/Resume
* 1.71: Custom toolbar buttons · New internal button style · Extra track info column
           New Settings dialog navigation · Mute and Soft mute · More Big view options
           System folder hide options · Adjustable track background · ID3 names in title
* 1.70: Audio scrobbling · HTTP connection capability · Simple manual beat counter
           Compare folders tool improvements · Direct folder access dialog
* 1.69: Mousewheel scroll improvements · Track log feature · ID3v2 support
          Adjustable skip time · Optional quit by Escape · Optional Mono downmix
* 1.68: Partial Unicode implementation · Cue sheet improvements
           New program icon · File finder detects folder names
* 1.67: VBR/Cue sheet and Cover art improvements · Easy renamer
          DSound/mpglib and Gapless/Plugins fixes · Config dialog changes
* 1.66: Embedded Big title view · Repeat button and MIDI track time fixes
          Refresh button works on search results
* 1.65: Cover art display · Direct Sound output · Mouse wheel volume
         Adjustable eq freqs · Multiple file copy with number prefix
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